Quai De La Photo In Paris: A Place Dedicated To The Image

Did you know that a new art center will open in Paris in May 2023 on the Port de la gare at the foot of the Bibliothèque nationale de France? This floating cultural place called Quai de la Photo will be dedicated to the image and more particularly to contemporary photography. Explanations.

A floating cultural center

Good news for photography lovers: in May 2023, a new place dedicated to the image will open its doors in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. This hybrid and floating place, named Quai de la Photo, will settle more precisely on the Seine, at the foot of the National Library of France.

Building on the success of the urban art center Fluctuart, which welcomes more than 3 million visitors a year at the foot of the Invalides bridge, Géraud Boursin, Fluctuart's president, has decided to develop a new concept of floating cultural venue.

This place dedicated to the image will offer monographic or thematic exhibitions on a total surface of 1000 square meters, as well as boat rides and a catering service. An integrated marina and boarding port have been planned to allow boat excursions on the Seine.

A new exhibition space

Quai de la Photo will set up shop in a booming neighborhood on a barge currently under construction at the Dieppe shipyard in Seine-Maritime.

This barge, which is due to arrive in Paris in February 2023, has been designed to host free photographic exhibitions and numerous animations. The hangings will be able to be made in all the spaces, including in the hold of the barge!

In addition to guided tours, visitors will be able to enjoy lectures, meetings with photographers, book signings in a specialized bookstore, photography training and workshops for young and old.

On their side, photographers will be able to come in residence in this hybrid and original cultural place. A professional studio will be available in this floating art center so that it becomes a place of creation and production for young emerging talents.

A springboard for young photographers

Even if Quai de la Photo has not yet unveiled its future programming (expected in early 2023), this new venue aims to serve as a springboard for young photographers.

It should host free exhibitions highlighting young French and foreign artists. Eclectic exhibitions testifying to current photography practices will thus be accessible to all for free.

For the inaugural exhibition, the creators of this place have planned to invite a big name in photography and to exhibit his works alongside those of young photographers he wants to make discover.

Quai de la Photo should open its doors in May 2023 on the Port de la gare, at the foot of the Bibliothèque nationale de France. To learn more, we invite you to visit the project's official website (link below).

It's an understatement to say that we can't wait to discover this new cultural and festive place, where you will be able, starting next spring, to visit free exhibitions, meet photographers and learn about photography or simply stroll around and have a drink.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Seine Design/Quai de la Photo
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More informations: https://quaidelaphoto.fr/
In French: Quai de la Photo à Paris : un lieu dédié à l'image
En español: Quai de la Photo en París: un lugar dedicado a la imagen
In italiano: Quai de la Photo a Parigi: un luogo dedicato all'immagine
Auf Deutsch: Quai de la Photo in Paris: ein Ort, der dem Bild gewidmet ist
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