Le Printemps Des Poètes : The Poetry Festival Everywhere In France

Created in 1999, the Printemps des Poètes celebrates poetry each year by organizing numerous events and festivities around a theme. Here is a presentation of this event which aims to share the pleasure of poetry with as many people as possible.


Since 1999, the Printemps des Poètes is an opportunity to celebrate poetry throughout France. This week placed under the sign of poetic art usually takes place in March.

Today, initiatives are multiplying in France and in more than 65 countries.
Each year, more than 12,000 events are organized in France and abroad on the occasion of this great cultural event.

Poetry for all

Since its creation, the Printemps des Poètes has marked the return of poetry to the public space. For one week, poetry takes over all the places, even the most unexpected ones: theaters, libraries, schools, hospitals, prisons ....

This very popular event indeed aims to share poetry to the widest audience (children and adults, confirmed or amateur poets, tellers and spectators...).

Each edition offers various activities (poetry tours, author invitations, shows, exhibitions...) around a theme:
- the city in 2006
- love in 2007
- the praise of the other in 2008
- laughter in 2009

Edition 2023

The 25th Printemps des Poètes will be held from March 11 to 27, 2023.

This year, the theme of this event is 'Visa Poem' and proposes to write 'a poem to cross borders'.

Author: Audrey
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More informations: https://www.printempsdespoetes.com/
In French: Le Printemps des Poètes : la fête de la poésie partout en France
En español: Le Printemps des Poètes: la fiesta de la poesía en toda Francia
In italiano: Le Printemps des Poètes: il festival della poesia in tutta la Francia
Auf Deutsch: Le Printemps des Poètes: das Fest der Poesie in ganz Frankreich
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