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Cold Hands and Feet: Movements that Warm Up

also helps to relax the muscles, which can amplify the sensation of cold when they are tense. If you don't have a stress ball, you can use a simple tennis ball. The correct technique is to squeeze the tennis ball tightly between your fingers for 10 seconds and then release. Repeated 10 times in a ...


Badminton: 5 Unusual Facts About This Sport

raj Rankireddy, is even 565 km/h! The badminton projectile is thus the fastest of all among the various racket sports. By comparison, the speed of a Tennis ball does not exceed 260km/h, even in a match between professional players. The game of shuttlecock is 2000 years old. English officers from th ...


Eye injury: what to do?

by the 'black eye' it causes. But it is not always the result of a fight. It can also be caused by an accident during a sporting activity, such as a tennis ball received in the eye. In this case, the best reflex is to apply an ice water compress or cold pack to the eye to limit the swelling of t ...


Foot self-massage: an easy routine

1- Foot plant massage with a ball To perform this self-foot massage, grab a small hard ball, such as a tennis ball for example. Sit on a chair and start by rolling the ball under your left foot for a minute, maintaining constant pressure. Try to roll the ball under your entire arch, from heel to t ...


Quadball: 5 Things to Know About Muggle Quidditch

on the field, are under-inflated dodgeballs. The magical golden snitch is replaced by a flag that must be caught to end the match. It consists of a tennis ball tucked into a yellow sock and carried by a neutral player who does not have a broom. This player, called the Snitch Runner in English, is ...


Trigger point: a massage technique that releases tension.

upuncture! The correct massage technique involves performing small circular movements on the trigger point. This slow and deep massage can be done with fingers, a tennis ball, or a massage roller. For the tension area to relax, it may be necessary: • to maintain pressure on the sore point for ...