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House: 5 cleaning tips with lemon

ooking hob to the tile backsplash to the countertops. The recipe is very simple, as you just need to mix equal parts lemon juice and warm water in a spray bottle. Spray this natural cleaner on the surfaces to be cleaned and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing with a microfiber cloth and r ...


Garden: 5 Grandma's recipes that work

ey need calcium to lay their eggs. That's why you need to be vigilant and regularly rearrange the shell barrier at the foot of your plants. 3- Spray black soap against aphids Another well-known grandmother's recipe for gardeners is to use black soap as a natural treatment for aphids and disea ...


Why and how to dust off your computer?

age components - Too much suction power can cause the fans to spin and damage them. The best method to dust your computer is to use a dry air spray also known as air bomb. These sprays are easily found in computer stores, office supply stores or on the internet. The price varies of course ...


Facial care: how to clean your skin properly?

ply use a thermal water or floral water: both of these products gently remove the impurities released by the skin overnight, without stripping it. Spray the water directly onto your face and then gently dab with a cotton pad or washable makeup remover square. In any case, you should not rub to li ...


Natural Gardening: 5 simple and effective remedies for the vegetable garden.

clove soak in a little rapeseed oil for a day. Add a tablespoon of black soap and then dilute this mixture in a liter of water. All that's left is to spray this remedy on the vegetables attacked by insects. 2- Coffee grounds against slugs If you are used to preparing filter coffee or espresso using ...


Laundry Care: 5 Tips to Avoid Ironing

s shown in the humorous video below. • Use water and a hairdryer. In the absence of a steam iron, you can use the hairdryer usually provided in hotel rooms. Spray some water on the wrinkles with a spray bottle and then direct the hairdryer's heat onto the garment, keeping it about 10 cm from ...