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Foot self-massage: an easy routine

or 30 seconds. Move slowly, respecting the limits of your joint mobility. If any pain occurs, immediately stop the movement. Note: Like all the foot self-massage techniques presented in this article, this toe mobilization should not be painful. Take a few seconds break and then perform the same pa ...


Chinese medicine: 3 tips to stay in shape in winter

e juice in the morning, which is a bad idea. For breakfast, choose a black tea with spices, flavored with cinnamon or cardamom for example. 2- Do self-massages on the lumbar and stomach areas As I explained above, Chinese medicine is not limited to combining acupuncture and herbal medicine. Alth ...


Cold Snap: How to Avoid a Cold?

ut also revitalize your entire body by adding essential oils such as Scots pine, ravintsara, or eucalyptus. You can also use these same essential oils for self-massage on the kidneys or the arch of the foot. Dilute 3 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of vegetable oil and use this mixture to pe ...


Diet, drinks, exercise: 5 tips to keep a flat stomach.

sms, you can also relieve pain and deflate your abdomen with massages. Place your hand flat on your belly button and make circular movements clockwise. This self-massage stimulates intestinal transit and calms spasms. 5- Move and breathe The last of the 5 tips for keeping a flat stomach is to pract ...


Cold Hands and Feet: Movements that Warm Up

ake off your shoes, the first movement to warm up your feet is to roll a tennis ball back and forth under the arches of your feet. Practice this foot self-massage for 5 minutes on each side, pressing firmly on the ball. This movement stimulates micro-circulation and relieves both heavy legs and cold ...


Trigger point: a massage technique that releases tension.

constant pain, including at rest. - The appearance of a small hard lump to the touch, but this is not always the case. When performing a massage or self-massage, trigger points are identified by their hardness to the touch. They can form a painful "knot" or lump under the skin, but this is not alw ...