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March 10 I'm Reading: Participate in a national quarter-hour of reading

t that time, everyone who can is invited to interrupt their activities to read a few pages of a book of their choice for 15 minutes. This national reading quarter-hour replicates the principle of the reading quarter-hour deployed by the Ministry of National Education in schools since 2018. So, ...


Reading the South: a free event in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region

A literary meeting made in the South. "Reading the South" is a cultural event supported by the associations Libraires du Sud, Éditeurs du Sud, Jedi sud and the Regional Book Agency, under the aegis of the South Region. This free, supportive event open to all is organized with the support of the S ...


Reading: 5 good reasons to switch to audio books

ng an increasingly wide audience. For many French people, the Covid-19 pandemic and various confinements have been an opportunity to get back into reading but also to try listening to books. According to the latest barometer of the SNE, France has 9.9 million audio readers, a majority of whom are ...


Reading: which e-reader to choose?

may seem negligible, but in fact, a large-format device with an 8-inch screen is a little less easy to handle. On the other hand, it offers a better reading comfort. Another criterion to consider for reading comfort is the screen resolution. It can vary between 600 x 800 pixels and 1440 x 1920 p ...


Subscription: which magazine for a teenager?

interests. Contrary to what parents sometimes imagine, magazines and comics are just as valid a medium as books for getting kids and teens to love reading. It is not necessary to choose an 'educational' title specifically designed to improve English or general knowledge for this subscription ...


Reading: 5 Things to Know About the New Romance Genre

These are love stories spiced with eroticism. Unlike the old-fashioned romance novels, contemporary romance or New Romance is a literary genre that includes an erotic dimension, with explicit sex scenes. The novel "Fifty Shades of Grey," released in 2012, is generally considered the archetype of t ...