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Drought: how to prepare your vegetable garden for a dry spell?

ttuce. Among the vegetables that require less water are peas, beans and broad beans as well as alliums such as garlic, onions and shallots. 3- Mulch without moderation Once your plants are in place, if you have to remember only one thing to do for maintaining a dry vegetable garden, it is def ...


Phacelia: 3 good reasons to plant this flower in your garden

you just need to pass the mower and bury this green manure so that it feeds the soil by decomposing. You can also leave the cut plants above ground to mulch upcoming crops. 3- Its flowers are very melliferous The third good reason to embrace this plant is that it is very melliferous. If you w ...


Sun in the garden: how to measure the exposure of your garden?

rally productive and easy to maintain. In closing, let's remember that another tip to protect your vegetable garden from the hot summer heat is to mulch the soil. A well-dosed mulch helps retain moisture at the base of plants when the mercury climbs. ...


Millettia japonica satsuma : discover the summer wisteria in 5 questions

n is preferred. 3- How to maintain a summer wisteria ? In the first two years after planting, summer wisteria needs regular watering. Remember to mulch the base of the plant to retain moisture in summer and never let the soil dry out completely between waterings. This summer-blooming plant al ...


8 steps to non-gardening

But nature got along just fine before humans started raking leaves - and in fact, leaves should definitely be left on the ground. They form a natural mulch that helps fertilize the soil as it decomposes, and best of all, leaf litter is a thriving habitat for insects and small creatures. Plus, no bag ...


The Japanese apple tree: a spring flowering shrub

tree of easy maintenance The Japanese apple tree has this advantage that it is low maintenance. After planting, you can protect the foot with leaf mulch to keep the soil cool. Unlike fruiting apple trees, pruning is not essential. However, you can prune this ornamental apple tree to give it a ...


Poet's carnation: sowing, cultivation and maintenance

can be grown as a perennial. To keep it alive for several years, it is recommended to cut the stems back by a third at the beginning of winter and mulch the plant at the base if a few frosts are to be feared. What is the problem? If your poet's carnation is not blooming or not blooming much, ...


Salvia microphylla: 5 questions about small leaf sage

ough. This decorative sage is very resistant to disease and pests. Maintenance is limited to cutting the plant back in the fall in cold regions and mulching its stump to protect it from frost. In regions with milder winters, you will only need to prune the ends of the branches in April. Howeve ...


How to make a tropical garden in France ?

ical forest by making sure to enrich the soil with humus. In practice, you will not only have to make contributions of potting soil but also add a mulch of dead leaves and plant debris that will feed your exotic plants and protect them from drought. 3- How to set the scene? As we said above, ...


Garden: growing kiwai in 5 questions

ance of the Siberian kiwifruit is fairly easy. In summer, regular watering may be necessary, once or twice a week in hot weather. Adding a layer of mulch to the base of the plant is also a good idea to keep the soil cool in summer. In winter, do a two-eye pruning on twigs that have set fruit a ...


The dierama or angel's fishing rod: a plant full of poetry.

fertilizer every spring. The first flowering usually occurs after 2 years. If you live in a region with cold winters, don't forget to protect it with mulch and winter protection. Except for these recommendations, Angel's fishing rod maintenance is rather easy since this plant does not need to be pr ...