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Law: what are the penalties for lying?

missions or inaccuracies are not deliberate, you have the opportunity to correct your tax return without incurring penalties. Increase your income to get a loan On the other hand, it is sometimes tempting to inflate one's income in order to obtain a mortgage from a bank. Indeed, banks general ...


Identity theft: 3 tips to limit the risks

ore victims. You need to be especially careful with your identity papers, as all you need to do to open a bank account in your name and take out a loan with an online bank is a photocopy of your ID card or passport. This scam can lead you to a bank ban even if you are not really the person who ...


Holidays in France: 5 destinations to go to the mountains in summer

s a Premium Summer Card which will give you access to the outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, ice rink and all the activities of the Palais des Sports with loan of equipment! 5- La Colmiane in the Alpes-Maritimes If you want to go to the mountains in summer without driving too much, you can ...


Cabourg: 5 ideas for visiting the town in the footsteps of Marcel Proust

Belle Époque period was inaugurated on 19 May 2021. In this Villa du Temps Retrouvé, which dates back to 1860, you will be able to admire period furniture on loan from the Mobilier national as well as tapestries created especially for this museum on old models: a real immersion in the Proustian ...


Automobile: 5 advantages of car leasing

nting the vehicle for a fixed period in return for the payment of a monthly instalment called rent. Unlike a cash purchase or most traditional car loans, leasing with a purchase option does not necessarily require a down payment. Thanks to the LOA without a down payment, motorists who don't ha ...


France Rénov': a new public service to renovate your home

of the work, it will ensure a technical, administrative, financial and even social monitoring if necessary. Another new feature, the Advance Renovation Loan comes into force on 1 January 2022. This mortgage loan, offered by Crédit Mutuel and Banque Postale, avoids having to finance the work. ...


Buying a hotel to convert: 10 questions to help you understand

t of the balance sheet: the EBIT (Gross Operating Surplus). Then he will "restate" it to know concretely what you have left to pay yourself and the loan(s) you will have made. It is from this element that you will know what minimum contribution will be necessary, because it is what your banker ...