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"The World Cutlery Meetings: a new event in Thiers"

A new event dedicated to cutlery. Cutlery basin for over six centuries and home to the Cutlery Museum, the town of Thiers in Auvergne aims to establish its status as the French capital of cutlery on the international stage. In Thiers, knives have been manufactured since the 14th century. As early ...


Coutellia: the art knife show in Thiers.

Thiers, capital of cutlery. The Thiers Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been organizing the Coutellia exhibition for over 20 years, dedicated to art and traditional knives. The choice of this location is not surprising since Thiers has been a cutlery basin for over six centuries... Even today, ...


5 tips for organizing an eco-friendly picnic

1- Switch to plastic-free picnics For decades, our meals in nature have been accompanied by plastic cups and cutlery. With the gradual banning of single-use plastics, alternatives are readily available in stores. To organize an eco-friendly picnic, forget plastic cutlery and prefer Opinel knife ...


Gastroenteritis: symptoms and remedies

ing meals - Wash your hands before eating - Wash your hands after using the bathroom - Do not drink from the glasses of sick people or share their cutlery. To be noted: for people who eat outside at lunchtime, in canteens or university restaurants, it is advisable to wash hands with hydro-alco ...


The New Waves of Boating: the used boat show in Mandelieu La Napoule

h as: rigging, insurance, equipment (electronics, satellites, audiovisual...), water sports, engines, optics, marinas, press, ready-to-wear, tourism, cutlery, expertise, maintenance products... Practical information The Used Boat Show "Les Nouvelles Vagues du Nautisme" will take place at Port La Nap ...


Prevention of bronchiolitis: adopt the right reflexes

y. Remember to disinfect or machine wash toys and comforters. Wash his pacifier regularly and don't share objects such as pacifiers, bottles or cutlery with his brothers and sisters. 3- If you have a cold, wear a mask If you have a cold yourself, wear a mask when caring for your baby, even ...


5 surprising things in Malaysia

can take advantage of your stay to taste the Malay cuisine, but also Indian, Chinese and Thai... In local restaurants, you may be surprised by the cutlery that you are offered. You will of course be given chopsticks in Chinese restaurants and, in other local restaurants (Indian or Malay) a fork a ...


The end of disposable packaging in fast-food restaurants in 7 questions

o more fast food chains must use disposable dishes and packaging for meals eaten on site from January 1, 2023. After the ban on plastic straws and cutlery, the end of disposable packaging in fast food marks another step in the process that should lead to the exit from plastic in use by 2040. ...


House: 5 cleaning tips with lemon

res or on your stainless steel sink, before rinsing and drying with a dry cloth. Guaranteed shine! To clean stainless steel kitchen utensils such as cutlery or water bottles, simply soak them in a small basin, in a mixture of 10 cl of lemon juice and 50 cl of warm water. Let the objects soak for ab ...


Fantastic Home offers a collection of Harry Potter furniture and decor.

had to make a significant investment to work with this license. They also partnered with the best representatives of French artisanal craftsmanship. For example, the cutlery from the Spells tableware set is made in Thiers from high-quality stainless steel. Their handles, made from a food-grade res ...