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Flies, moths, ants: natural solutions against insects

the well-known glue ribbons, not very aesthetic but effective. You will also find small circles to stick on windows in supermarkets. What to do about ants? When ants invade your home, it quickly becomes an invasion! If you are reluctant to use commercial traps and aerosols, you can try the followin ...


Garden: 5 Grandma's recipes that work

as fertilizer, simply cut it into pieces and throw it into the planting hole of your crops. As they decompose, banana peels provide nutrients to plants as long as you water regularly. For this grandma's recipe to work, you also need to make sure to bury the banana peels at least 20 cm deep. ...


Compost: How to Avoid Bad Smells and Insects?

when you add a rotten fruit or other very moist material. • Avoid putting meat in the compost as it attracts flies. Note: While flies and gnats can be problematic, ants and woodlice should not be a concern. They contribute to the composting process and assist bacteria and fungi in their deco ...


Cultivate your garden naturally by combining plants!

Companion plants live in symbiosis Companions because they are associated with each other, planted in close proximity, these seeds provide each other with the pests they can repel, the minerals and nutrients they bring to the soil, and their flowers, which are useful for pollination. Creating a ...


Leisure: 5 nature activities to share with children

ion gardening! Even if the garden is not as wild as the mountains or the forest, for example, it is a good space to learn about ecology. Cutting plants or harvesting potatoes often appear to the youngest as a magical process. If you already have a vegetable garden, all you have to do is set as ...


House: 5 cleaning tips with lemon

your linen closets and kitchen cabinets as a natural repellent against moths. Note: Lemon slices are also said to be an effective repellent against ants! A grandmother's tip says that all you need to do is place them on the path of these insects to make them turn back. ...