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Online scams: beware of fake administrative websites!

e commercial sites, which offer paid services to provide you with administrative documents, create confusion with the official websites of the French administration. They use legal references and a deceptive visual identity with the blue, white, and red colors of the French flag, as well as the symb ...


Administrative Simplification: The End of Cerfa Forms by 2030

esses and individuals in France. For reference, these forms are the official documents that establish the connection between citizens and the French administration. The acronym CERFA stands for "Centre d'enregistrement et de révision des formulaires administratifs" (Center for the Registration and ...


Family habilitation: 5 questions to understand it all

future protection mandate, a very useful but still little known tool that allows you to choose a trusted person. To give powers of management and administration to one of your loved ones, you can either fill out a pre-established template or sign a deed before a notary. ...


Travelling in Europe: how to request a cross-border prescription?

- the patient's last name, first name, gender and date of birth, plus his or her height and weight if this information is necessary for the proper administration of the treatment. - the surname, first name, title and professional address of the prescribing physician. The address must inclu ...


Eye diseases: what symptoms should alert you?

he reduced blood flow to the eye can lead to partial or total loss of sight, which is then irreversible. Don't wait to consult a doctor, as the rapid administration of cortisone can save your second eye. A red eye in a contact lens wearer Most of the time, having red eyes is not a cause for conc ...


Criminal record and employment: 5 things to know.

cords of future employees and may be required to keep the criminal record extract for a certain period of time (this period is 3 months for access to a job in administration). In the absence of specific legislation, this document should not be kept. Additionally, the employer does not have the rig ...


Saint-Marcellin: 5 Things to Know About This Cheese

h century, the origins of this small French cheese are much older. The first mention of this cheese is found in the account books of King Louis XI's administration. It proves that these small, soft-paste tommes were already being consumed at royal tables in 1461! At the time, the town of Saint-Mar ...


High School: Everything You Need to Know About the Mandatory Internship at the End of 10th Grade

it is not mandatory. How to find a hosting structure? The mandatory internship at the end of the tenth grade can be carried out within a company, an administration, or an association. Since March 6, 2024, these various structures have been able to post internship offers for tenth-grade students on ...